Michael Wynne-Parker, Chairman of the Guild of Travel and Tourism, presided at a Luncheon, at the House of Lords in honour of Dr Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways who was also the Guest Speaker.  The theme was the constuctive development of business between the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom based on historic and friendly relations.  Principal guests included, HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia; H.H.The Russian Ambassador; The Marquess of Bristol; The Marquess of Reading, Lord Pendry of Stalybridge; H.H.Sheikh Mohammed Bin Khalid Al Hamed, Abu Dhabi; Dr Thomas Mirow, President EBRD; Mr Michael Binyon, The Times; Dr Hans-Joerg Rudloff, Chairman, Barclays Capital; Mr William Morris, Chairman, All American Oil and Gas Corporation; Mr Alexander Filatov, CEO, Russian Federation Sports Foundation; Princess Selene Obolensky; Prince Dimitri Lobanov-Rostovsky; Lady Olga Maitland; Dr David Holohan, Great Britain Russia Society; Also members of the Board and staff of Russian Railways and of the Guild of Travel and Tourism.

The Loyal Toast was proposed By Mr William Morris, The Toast to the President of the Russian Federation by HRH Princess Katarina and final remarks by Mr Nigel Bishop, CEO, Guild of Travel and Tourism, UK.