At times a memoir, at others a historical perspective, this book chronicles the history of the English-Speaking Union from its founding by Sir Evelyn Wrench and Charles Cochrane in a London cafe in 1912. In what the London Daily Mail called “this sparkling book,” the author gives special attention to the introduction of the ESU into Sri Lanka, a country that had banned English in 1956 in reaction to years of British rule.

Sir Evelyn Wrench, founder of the English-Speaking Union, was a visionary. He could not possibly forsee the dramatic technical developments of the twentieth century. However, he relied upon his instinct and with determination built up an organization the importance of which he could hardly have imagined in those early days.

Michael Wynne-Parker possesses a keen insider’s perception of the role the English-Speaking Union has to play. His aim is to make the English language available to the whole world as a common language of tolerance and inclusion.

I commend this book to all my fellow members of the English-Speaking Union — the perfect gift to increase membership of an organization bent on promoting our most important asset. It is, after all, by words that man communicates his ideas.
— Hammond Innes

It does an outstanding job in promoting transatlantic and wider-world understanding through the English language, which links so many of the people of the free world.
– The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Margaret Thatcher, LG, OM, PC

“‘Tis not too late to create a newer world where peace, prosperity and goodwill, all flowing from the spread of the fine and lovely English language, will bring the dawn of a warless world. Then, kindly, each can slumber, wrapped in universal law.”
— Michael Wynne-Parker

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ISBN: 9781594050978
220 pages
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