HM King Kigeli V – 22nd June

Michael Wynne-Parker, Chairman of the Guild of Travel and Tourism, presided over a Dinner in honour of King Kigeli V of Rwanda, who was celebrating his 80th Birthday, at the Cavalry and Guards Club, London.  Various African and European Monarchies were represented.  Speakers included HRH Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia,The Marquess of Reading, Major General Jonathon Shaw, Ian Paisley MP, Lady Olga Maitland and Archbishop Elisey of Sourozh.

Reception in the State Duma, Moscow – 26th April

Michael Wynne-Parker, President Commonwealth Sambo Association addressed a Reception in the State Duma at the Opening of the Russia-SAMBO-United Kingdon Exhibition.  The event was presided over by Vasily Shestakov, President of the International Sambo Federation and Member of the State Duma.

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Appointed President of the British Commonwealth Sambo Association – 1st January

Michael Wynne-Parker has been appointed President of the British Commonwealth Sambo Association.  Sambo is a combination of martial arts techniques from East and West developed into modern practice during the 20th century.  There are branches in most countries of the British Commonwealth and the next Commonwealth Finals will be held in Edinburgh in September this year.